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Martial Art Personal Training

  • Fed up of going to the gym and not getting the results you want?
  • Fed up of using running machines, and resistance machines?
  • Want to get fit, increase your core strength, and burn loads of calories at the same time?
Are you looking for:-
  • Weight loss and fat reduction
  • An effective form of cross-training
  • A boost to your self-confidence
  • Something to Reduce your Stress Levels
If your answer is yes to the above, then Martial Arts Personal Training could be just what you need!

Not only will you be working all the main muscle groups, you will also be improving your aerobic fitness, enhancing your range of movement, and developing your hand-eye coordination, balance, timing and technique.

PT's are 'Personal' and we will work with you to create a plan centred around to your individual needs, whether that is:
  • General fitness
  • Working on a technique that you just cant seem to nail or,
  • Preparation for interclub or competitions.
  • Pad work raises your heart rate for quick bursts of time (the most effective method of burning fat)
  • Works almost the entire range of muscles in your body
  • Combines aerobic and anaerobic training
  • Enhances your senses, including speed coordination, balance and timing
  • Flexibility and core strengthening.
'Personal Training' can be 1-2-1 training with the instructor, or Group training for up to 4 people.
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